New regulations regarding high powered energisers.

From  1st  of  September 2010, European electric fencing manufacturers were obliged  to adhere to new safety guidelines regarding high powered electric fence  energisers.  Products manufactured after this date are limited to a maximum  of  5  joules  when operating under medium to heavy fence loads (50-500ohms) and energy of up to 15 joules only after a safety delay.

On detection of a sudden and heavy load, which could represent an animal or human caught on the line, such energisers will be required to trigger inbuilt audible and visual alarm before entering a safe mode period (10-60mins) where the pulse is slowed before reverting to normal operation.   

The new Hotline Phoenix models HMX1600 & 2500 will operate from a platform of 7 joules with a boost capacity of 16 & 25 joules respectively. If the fence load increases gradually to a point where 5 joules are not sufficient to maintain an effective voltage, the energiser will boost output within the constraints of the 5 joule rule (the energiser can boost up to 25 joules as long as the fence line is heavily loaded).

However, if a sudden heavy load which could represent an animal or person caught on the fence the HMX1600 & HMX2500 energiser only enters the full boost mode following a 45 minute safe mode. On detection of the sudden heavy load, the energiser sounds an alarm and enters a slower pulse rate for the period of the safe mode before continuing normal operation.