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Enclosure type

Permanent: Fitting an electric fence system to either a new or existing wooden fence such as post and rail.

Temporary: Using movable fence components such as plastic posts or netting. Note: Adding wooden corner and/or terminal posts to a temporary fence will greatly improve its effectiveness.

Mains/Battery Power

Battery Energisers: Portable, weather proof 6,9 and 12v units. Requires independent earth stake. See part no.ES2,ES3 Batteries not included.

Mains energisers: 110/240v input units designed to be housed indoors. Mains energisers require lead out cable to take the power to the fence and to connect to the earth system. Requires independent earth stake. See part no.ES2,ES3 See part no. HT20G, HT50G, HT100G.

Distance Between Posts

Permanent: Distance between existing permanent posts.

Temporary: Generally between 5 and 10m. The greater the tension you can apply to the fence line the further the posts can spaced apart. Using strong terminal posts with tensioners are advisable where possible. Where the required configuration has no terminals or corners, such as a round pond, the more temporary posts used the better the structural effectiveness.

Number of strands

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