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Looking for a electric fence energiser? You've come to the right place. With over 75 years of experience, we can help you find the best fencing equipment to meet your needs and requirements. You will find a wide range of different electric fencing devices such as: Mobile battery devices or stationary mains devices.

With our electric fencing devices, you are choosing an efficient and safe option!

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horizont 9 V / 12 V electric fence - trapper® B12

  • Top quality - ideal for fence lengths up to 3 km
  • Maximum voltage 8,500 volts, 0.18 joules input, 0.12 joules output
  • Compact housing with carrying handle - ideal for mobile use
  • Ideal for small, simple fence systems. Suitable for beginners and hobby pet owners.

horizont 12 V electric fence - hotshock® A300

  • Best suited for large sheep pastures with fence length up to 30 km
  • Maximum voltage 11,000 volts, 4 joules input, 3 joules output
  • Special pulse shape for difficult herding situations
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals as well as for difficult defense situations such as game defense

horizont Farming A5000 energiser | 5.0J 12 volt input

  • 12v external battery input
  • 5.0 stored joule | 3.0 joule output | 30km max distance
  • UV-resistant
  • Pulse indicator

horizont farmer® N200 | 2.8J 230 volt input

  • 230v mains power input
  • 2.8 stored joule | 2.0 joule output | 15km max distance
  • Ideal for use with all types of livestock
  • Power control function - activity display of the fence

horizont hotshock® N500 | 5.0J 230 volt input

  • 230v mains power input
  • 6.0 stored joule | 5.0 joule output | 45km max distance
  • Ideal for robust, long-haired or feathered animals
  • Dual output - strong & extra strong
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