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Gate handles & kits

Gate handles, matching insulators and extendable gate kits for practical and easy access to your electric fence system. 

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Hotline Paddock essentials gate handle

  • Insulated compression sprung handle
  • Provides easy access to gateways
  • Suitable for tape, rope and wire
  • Black

Hotline premium gate handle

  • Premium quality gate handle with extended internal spring
  • High insulation properties
  • Suitable for tape, rope and wire
  • Red

Hotline premium tape gate handle with fitting buckle

  • Premium quality insulated gate handle with tape fitting buckle
  • Suitable for use with tape up to 40mm
  • Tape can be connected and tensioned using fitting buckle
  • Black

Hotline one piece plastic gate handle

  • Non insulated solid plastic gate handle
  • Suitable for rope, wire and tape up to 10mm
  • Yellow

Hotline gate handle anchors | pack of 2

  • For screwing on wooden posts
  • Suitable for tape, rope and wire
  • Suitable for all gate handles with hooks or eyelets
  • Very durable, UV and weather-resistant
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