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Misc. accessories

Fence switches, lightning protection, electrified security boxes and more!

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Hotline insulator drill chuck

  • For quick & easy fitting of screw-in insulators
  • Compatible with drill & cordless screwdriver
  • Great time saving

Hotline cut out fence switch

  • For switching current, independent of your energiser
  • Two different outputs can be switched

Hotline warning sign

  • Suitable for tape, rope or wire
  • Highly visible & easily readable
  • Printed on both sides
  • Weather-resistant & durable

Hotline lightning arrestor

  • Effectively protects the electric fence device from damage caused by lightning and excessive voltage
  • Channels lightning to ground

Hotline Colour tail tape

  • Available in four colours: Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
  • Available in 10m and 50m lengths
  • Reinforced with fibre
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