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Item No. 47MSR5LG

Hotline electrifiable moulded 'Super' Rabbit net Green | 50m long x 75cm high

Easy to install, portable netting. Extremely conductive 50m x 75cm netting with 14 single-spike posts. Ideal solution for protection against Rabbits in gardens, farms, allotments and more.

  • Easy to install and move
  • Highly conductive and durable
  • 14 integral single spike posts
  • Ideal for protection against Rabbits or other small animals
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Electric Rabbit netting is the ideal solution for those looking for protection against Rabbits or other small animals. The net is easy to install and move making it perfect for use in gardens, allotments and farms. The net is mounted on 14 strong PVC posts. Our Rabbit nets are extremely conductive and are manufactured from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom baseline.

When deterring Rabbits, the net is best erected at a 70-degree angle facing the hedgerow. Therefore the ears of the Rabbit will touch the net before it can get close enough to burrow underneath.

Net includes:

  • 14 x single-spike posts
  • 13 x ground pins
  • 4 x corner guys
  • 1 x repair kit
  • 1 x warning sign

Information: To 'charge' the net, an energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake - this forms an open circuit. When an animal encounters the net and ground it completes the circuit and gets a shock. The energiser produces a high voltage pulse approximately once every second.

  • Easy to install and move
  • Highly conductive and durable
  • 14 integral single spike posts
  • Ideal for protection against Rabbits or other small animals
  • Easily connect multiple nets together and power from one energiser

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Suitable for
Technical specification
Current carrying
75 cm
50 m
Single spike
Number of posts
Material of posts
Length of posts
75 cm
Thickness of posts
13 mm
Colour of posts
Colour of netting
Number of horizontal wires
Number of current carrying wires
Connecting clip
Mesh hights from bottom to top
5cm, 5cm, 5cm, 5cm, 10cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm
7.52 kg
Content (Pieces)
  • The net itself does not need to be erected in a loop and can be erected in a straight line
  • The live lines of Rabbit netting are very close to the ground and are susceptible to 'leakage'. This is where undergrowth/vegetation completes the circuit and draws power from the fence to ground. We recommend a minimum of 3500V on your fence to combat this
  • It is important to keep the strands clear of any external contacts. This can be difficult, especially or undulating ground as your bottom line is effectively covering a shorter linear distance to the top line which causes the net to sag. You may need to add extra posts to achieve better tension. In some cases keeping the lowest live line free from vegetation is impossible and isolation from the live matrix may be needed. This is achieved by simply cutting the line at the first and last post. You can reconnect if needed by using the ferrules in the supplied repair kit
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