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Get ready for turnout

When the days become longer and the grass turns greener, it signals one thing - the arrival of spring. British dairy and beef farmers around the country are busy behind the scenes, actively preparing to turn their cattle out to pasture. This shift necessitates meticulous planning to ensure the well-being of their herd. A primary consideration for farmers during turnout is the significant dietary change that spring grass represents for cattle. If not managed correctly this can impact the herds health and productivity throughout the year. 

Gradually introducing livestock to their new diet is crucial. A common approach is to slowly introduce spring grass to livestock via strip grazing with electric fencing. This approach gives farmers control over grazing patterns and regulates the duration cows spend feeding on spring grass. By partitioning the field into designated sections, farmers can closely monitor daily intake and mitigate potential health issues whilst also optimising herd management. As well as this, farmers will also have to check on the condition of their electric fencing equipment. It is important to check the condition and quality of all aspects of electric fencing before the season to prepare properly for strip grazing during turnout. We have compiled a checklist for farmers getting ready for spring turnout:


1. Check your energiser(s):

Firstly, you should check that your Hotline energiser is working correctly. This is important as the safety of your livestock relies on your energiser to be operating efficiently. If you spot a fault with your energiser we offer a repair service where our expert technicians can get your energiser back up and running. This service now also comes with a 1 year warranty applied to repaired energisers to give you peace of mind for the season ahead. If you would like to book in an energiser repair then please call us on 01626 331188 or alternatively email our sales team at office@hotline-fencing.co.uk.

2. Check your batteries:

Ahead of spring turnout it is also important to check your energiser batteries are also charged/full and ready for operation. If you are using a 12v leisure battery to power your energiser you can charge these using a battery charger. If you are using a 6v/9v internal battery you may need to replace them as they cannot be recharged. You can find replacement batteries at Hotline approved stockists either online or at your local store.

3. Check your fencing:

Time to check your fencing! Is your fencing secure and undamaged? This is one of the first checks you need to make in order to ensure the safety and security of your livestock. Closely check to make sure any of your posts need replacing and that your wire is secured and in good condition. In addition ensure that vegetation around the fence line is cut back and that your earthing is correct via correct use of earth stakes. After all steps are complete you can power up your fence and use a fence tester to check it is functioning correctly. If you are looking to save time during turnout, we now offer a 3:1 premium geared reel with 500m of polywire already wound on for your convenience: see here.

Time to make some repairs? See our range of fence posts and polywire.