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Item No. 10613

horizont 12 V electric fence energiser - hotshock® A300

hotshock® - Our series for the defense of robust animals and for the keeping of longhaired and feathered animals. hotshock fencers can be used for sheep and goat keeping in combination with nets.

  • Ideally suited for large sheep pastures with a fence length of up to 30 km
  • Maximum voltage 11,000 volts, 4 joules input, 3 joules output
  • Impulse Control" safety function
  • Intuitive energy control LED display
All product details
Energy control
Impulse control
Two fence outlet terminals
On/off switch
UV stabilizer

The horizont hotshock® A300 - your best choice for reliable and safe protection of your pasture and your animals!

The hotshock® A300 fence energiser has been specially developed for farmers and livestock owners who demand the highest standards of performance, safety and flexibility. Powered by a 12 V battery or rechargeable battery, it offers you maximum flexibility and enables optimum solar operation for a sustainable energy supply.

The "Impulse Control" function guarantees additional safety for people and animals by automatically switching off the electric fence energiser if the impulse output is too fast or reducing the output energy to prevent damage caused by technical defects.

The 3-stage "Energy Control" LED display allows you to quickly check the battery capacity and shows you the activity of the electric fence energiser by flashing in time with the pulse output, so that you are always informed about the status of the device.

With two fence outputs, the hotshock® A300 fence energiser offers different output energies, from full strength to a safe energy limited to 1 J, allowing flexible operation on large and small pastures. The switch also allows you to easily switch the battery operation on and off.

Made from high-quality plastics, the hotshock® A300 electric fence is UV-resistant, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant, guaranteeing many years of durability. For optimum fence security, we recommend installing the device with 3 ground stakes of 1 m each.

In addition to the device itself, the hotshock® A300 electric fence energiser also comes with fence, earth and battery connection cables - everything you need for easy installation and use.

Trust in the quality, safety and flexibility of the hotshock® A300 electric fence energiser and secure your pasture and your animals effectively and reliably!


  • Ideally suited for large sheep pastures with a fence length of up to 30 km
  • Maximum voltage 11,000 volts, 4 joules input, 3 joules output
  • Impulse Control" safety function
  • Intuitive energy control LED display
  • Energy Control - LED indicator for battery capacity and battery function
  • Impulse Control - Error monitoring cycle sequence
  • 3 years warranty
  • Powerful performance for the highest demands
  • Extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate housing
  • Two output energies for flexible use
  • Powerful device with maximum output energy
  • Hanging device for wall mounting
  • Ventilation slots for condensation to escape

New Design

NEW! In addition to our previous design, horizontal energisers are now also available in a revised look.

Unfortunately, you cannot make a choice at the moment. But no matter which design you get: You get tested horizont quality. Made in Germany.

Repair service

Reliable, competent and fast contact

Good service plays a major role at horizont. In our in-house repair workshop, experts are available to assist you with words and deeds. In case of a defect or damage of your device (e.g. due to lightning strike or moisture ingress), horizont's technical service will be at your disposal at short notice.

Many of horizont's specialized trade partners can repair your device on site thanks to simple modular construction or your device will be repaired in the service center in Korbach and you will be helped with a loaner device during the short repair time (usually 48 hours).

During the subsequent safety inspection, all components of the device are tested and you receive a one-year warranty on the complete device.


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Suitable for
Sheep, Goat, Poultry, Wild boar, Wolf, Big game, horse, Beef
3 years
Technical specification
Power supply
12 V
Protection type
Output suggested solar panel
30 W
Voltage DC
Operating voltage
12 V + Solar
Stored energy
4 J
Pulse energy
3 J
Possible number of 50 m netting connections (sheep)
Grounding piles length
1 m
Number of grounding piles
Max. voltage
11000 V
Max. voltage 500 Ohm
5800 V
Max. fence length (CEE)
80 km
Max. fence length without load
30 km
Max. fence length medium load
15 km
Max. fence length heavy load
8 km
Power consumption 12 V max.
340 mA
Product series
9.9 cm
22.8 cm
28.4 cm
2.878 kg
Content (Pieces)
85020 | I - 02/22
Test certificate
10555 041119
Declaration of conformity
Test certificate
10857 221118
Declaration of conformity
Test certificate
horizont Secura
QM01094 2023
certificate DIN EN ISO : 2023

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